In the wake of the lockdown to prevent COVID-19 pandemic from community spread, everything including schools are closed. Adopting novel ways to continue with the learning process, schools are using technology to the optimum to keep the students engaged at home so they may learn constructive things.

Don Bosco School is using this lockdown period for constructive learning. With the support of our Management and Principal, our teachers are preparing assignments and activities daily. The assignments are based on child’s present academic year (2020-2021) curriculum. This shift in education from traditional classroom learning to computer-based learning might be one of the largest educational experiments to the date.

A teacher’s job is not just making their students learn. Their job is to overall groom their students letting them know what is right and what is wrong.

We are using Microsoft Teams for the online classes from the 15 th June 2020 after training provided by Sir Desale.

All staff try their best in imparting knowledge through online classes with the help of desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone as per the facilities availed at their homes.

Though shops were closed initially due to lock down and the books were not available the students were provided with the text content in the form of PDF file and pics. Besides, we are not just restricting ourselves to the main subjects but are also sending Art, craftwork, Computer, Yoga, PT, Self Development, Value Education and GK to the children.

The school also took a survey of the electronic facilities available from our students. It was through the online questionnaire consisted of 13 questions regarding the socio-demographic characteristics and general questions to assess whether they can study online with available electronic gadgets at home.

Using our WhatsApp group, teachers are uploading study materials according to the daily time table to the students which is a mix of healthy routine, enquiry and learning in their discussion times allotted.

The teachers are creating their own power point presentations, videos and using story-telling in different ways to deliver the content in a creative and personalized manner from class Kg to 10 th.

By collecting regular assignments, video clippings of their performance and conducting online tests we assess students. This form of learning is new but parents and teachers are working together to make this endeavour successful.