With a view to be constructive and dynamic professionals and to equip teachers with the necessary skills and techniques for effective classroom teaching, various enrichment programmes were organized for the teachers. The school believes in getting many organizations and resource persons for in house training purposes. Many of our teachers were sent for different training programmes and workshops to enhance their teaching skills. The school also conducted some in service training programmes for the teachers this year to prepare the teachers for the new academic year with complete understanding of the systems and the students. Trainings were conducted for language and science lab, VMS App, English Grammar, Self Awareness, etc. This year the school have introduced a new App called, VMS to maintain better communication between school and the parents. The Teacher straining for the new App was held on 13th June, 2019.The Same App training was conducted for the parents on 28th and 29thJune.The teachers also had another workshop by the Teach Next Digital App on 13thJune. It was very informative as teachers received information with regard to the advantages of using various modules while teaching different subjects.

A workshop on Teaching English was conducted by a renowned educationist, counsellor and writer on 14th June in School. Mrs. Shreya Lalwani was the resource person. Teachers participated in it with enthusiasm. The trainer gave teachers valuable practical ideas for adopting communicative methodology and improving the effectiveness of English language teaching in school. The primary purpose of this training was to explore the importance of teaching English and to find solutions to the problems that teachers face in the classroom. The workshop began with the expert providing the teachers an overview of the importance of teaching English. She next highlighted the challenges faced by teachers while teaching English such as difficulty in explaining concepts in English, lack of participation in English by students, teachers not equipped to handle the language in their own domains etc. The programme aimed at encouraging and motivating the educators to bring in innovation in teaching-learning process. It also aimed at developing their leadership skills to guide students and enable them to find a solution to problems to bring about positive changes for sustainable future.

A self-awareness seminar was conducted for all the teaching staff on the theme “Be the Change”. The resource person for the seminar was Mr. Shirish Sebastian, an experienced orator and trainer. The teachers had an amazing and unique experience. The seminar was a self-renewing and self motivating to the teachers. It gave them various tips and skills that can be applied in daily life and teaching - learning process.

A seminar on Adolescence was held for girls on 20th August 2019.The main purpose of this seminar was to create awareness among girls regarding transitional phase of growth and development between childhood and adulthood. The seminar was very informative and brought self awareness among students. A career guidance seminar was conducted for the students of STD 9 & 10 on 24thSeptember.Ms. Veera Chudhari, an academic trainer from Pune led the session with her vast knowledge and experiences. It turned out to be extremely helpful to the students as it made their career choices really clear. The students were extremely happy as it gave them the awareness of the different careers available and it helped to get to know themselves better. A motivational seminar was conducted for the students of std 6 to 10. It was led again by Mr. Shirish Sebastian. It was a wonderful session where all the students were involved actively. The students also learned some practical skills for their character formation and learning process. The entire school was shown educational movies on 18thDecember. The Movies carried very good messages for the students. It really motivated the students.

In conclusion, I wish to express my most sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all those who contributed their mite to the making of this glorious institution. I wish to express my gratitude to all the trustees of the Infant Jesus Education Trust, whose vision and unending support enabled Don Bosco School to reach higher and higher levels of Achievements in Academics, Sports and Co-Scholastic areas as well. The teacher’s job is to help children change for better. I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all my staff members with whose co-operation we have been able to carry out all programmes and academic activities, whose passion for teaching and love for the school has played a vital role in every one of our achievements. I wish to thank our non-teaching staffs who work relentlessly for the smooth functioning of the school. The school also is grateful to its PTA and all the parents for their constant co-operation and support that have been a great source of motivation to us.

What’s a School without Students!

It’s our students who made all our efforts truly meaningful and rewarding by their significant effort to do their best and becoming knowledgeable, skilled and responsible citizens. We are proud of every one of them. I look forward to your continued commitment to the cause of education. I continue to invoke the blessings of the Almighty to enable us to excel in all our pursuits.

Sr. Jancy Joseph
The Principal